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What is Sting Zapper! First Aid Gel?

Sting Zapper First Aid Gel is a unique solution that works to neutralize venoms, soothe burns, and stop pain.

Is Sting Zapper! First Aid Gel easy to use?

Yes! The convenient twin pack provides two first aid treatments. Simply apply gel to the affected area with a vigorous scrubbing action.

Is Sting Zapper! Non-allergenic?

Yes! all ingredients used are hypo-allergenic and proven safe for sensitive skin.

Is Sting Zapper! First Aid Gel convenient and durable?

Yes! Sting Zapper! First Aid Gel packaging is made with heavy-duty Mylar that creates an airtight seal, thus protecting the active ingredients in hot climates and other extreme conditions. Sting Zapper! First Aid Gel is also easy to use, ready when needed and can easily be carried in a pocket, purse, or bag.

Are Sting Zapper! products affordable?

Yes! Each packet is a twin pack providing two first aid treatments per package. Please see our order page for current prices, offered on this web site only at a discount compared to standard retail prices.

Are Sting Zapper! Products guaranteed?

Yes! All products come with a 30 day money back guarantee. You must be satisfied or the price of the product will be cheerfully refunded. Unfortunately we cannot refund Express or Overnight shipping and handling.