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Pesky Mosquitos ~ Bites are annoying....learn how to cure the pain and aggravation!

Summer is Near which means so are the Mosquitos!

Make sure this Summer Season, you are prepared for those pesky pests!  They are almost impossible to avoid, and once the bite you, their saliva goes to work.  What actually happens when you get bitten, is a mosquito bites, and lays down it's saliva, to prevent the hole from closing.  The saliva causes a LOT of irritation, forces the body to keep the wound open, festers and then ultimately forms a bump that causes you to itch and scratch.

Mosquito Season By State

Summertime is mosquito season!

Everyone working and enjoying the out-of-doors, including farm workers, utility workers, sportsmen, campers, construction workers, landscapers, and virtually all people that come in contact with insects should carry Sting Zapper! First Aid Gel.

 Why Sting Zapper Mosquito Bite First Aid Treament?

Sting Zapper Mosquito Bite First Aid treatment can neutralize the venom before infection begins.  If you are in a Mosquito infested area, don't get caught without Sting Zapper Mosquito Bite First Aid treatment... it reduces swelling and itching & It delivers Pain-Cooling Relief to stings from Mosquitoes, No See-Ums, Black Flies, Chiggers, Bees & Wasps, Spiders, Mites.

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The Life Cycle of the Mosquito

Mosquito life cycle


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