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Fire Ant Bites

Fire Ant bites cause blisters & scars for millions of unsuspecting people laying their venom that Fire Ant bites on human flesh is very painful…leaving scaring that will last a life time…but now there is an easy solution!


Why do they call them Fire Ant bites?

Well if you have ever been stung by a Fire ant bites you can answer this question. Fire Ant bites get their common name from the fact that when they sting you it feels as though you have been touched by a red-hot flame. These Fire Ant bites onto you (or other enemies, intruders or prey) with their jaws and then inject a dose of venom with the sting on the rear end of their body. The Fire Ant bites sting is not only painful, but for some people this can be a real problem since it can result in anaphylactic shock or even death in very extreme cases. Also most people develop an itchy, puss filled bump after being stung.

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This is due to the Fire Ant bites destructive venom which once it is injected in between skin layers, the venom begins to kill the skin cells and the melanin that creates skin color, not to mention

Fire Ant bites cause incredible pain that just won’t go away…and leaving behind itching and scratching at the Fire Ant Bites Wound site and the taxing of your immune system as it tries to rid itself of the nasty venom.

However, this can all be avoided with the use of the Anti-venom first aid gel in Sting Zapper. Sting Zapper is formulated with a powerful enzyme that works to penetrate the skin layers, to neutralize the fire ant bites venom, cool & relieve the pain, cleanse the wound, disinfect and soothe to begin the healing process.

Sting Zapper works fast…you can feel the difference as soon as the gel makes contact with your Skin.

Just apply the cooling Sting Zapper gel to the Fire Ant bites affected area, and then begin to work the gel into the wounds In a circular pattern (like you are trying to remove ink stain) round & round, using the abrasive beads in the Sting Zapper Gel to open the Fire Ant bites wound and allow the cooling, pain relieving, venom neutralizing ingredients work.

Within seconds you will feel relief from the Fire Ant bites! Continue application until you the pain is gone. Then, wash the affected area with cool – clean soapy & water… pat dry. That’s it!

So if you are looking for a great solution for Fire Ant bites, try Sting Zapper.

It is guaranteed to work FAST…on Fire Ant bites….!

Buy Sting Zapper Fire Ant First Aid Gel

In a recent clinical study, patients experienced immediate pain relief from Fire Ant bites by using Sting Zapper! The medicated solution in Sting Zapper! Neutralizes the poisons and delivers pain relief and a cooling medication that works to reduce redness and inflammation.

The study shows – Sting Zapper! Works…

Each Tube is filled with a one-fluid ounce of sting gel for many Fire Ant bites applications of Sting Zapper Gel… Just right for your Purse, First Aid Kit, Glove Compartment, Picnic Basket, Lunch Box, Tool Box or whatever you application…You need Sting Zapper.

Perfect for your Beach Bag, Dive Bag, Glove Compartment, First Aid Kit – Gel is Stable even in high humidity and extreme heat conditions. You are going to LOVE having Sting Zapper in your bag.

“Sting Zapper! products were found to be the most effective on Fire Ant bites, the best treatment of the three agents tested in the reduction of pain”
Dr. Bruce Halstead, Director International Biotoxicological Center, World Life Research Institute

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